Success Stories

Harley and Charlie were very difficult to walk on a leash. Now it’s no problem walking both of them at the same time. They have learned the basics commands like sit, down, come when called, etc. They seem to be calmer than before the training. We chose Beverly because of the convenience of her coming to the house and also there’s one on one training and not 10 to 15 dogs in one area of been trained. She let us choose the dates and the time of the training and worked wonderfully with the dogs and us. We would definitely recommend her to other dog owners.







-Joe Haskett, Salem, Virginia


The Well-Trained Dog is a true VALUE for dog owners!

The Skill, Respect, Promptness, and Professionalism of Beverly’s methods are amazing!

            After losing a beloved member of our family of 11 years-our German Shepherd Yogi-my husband and I made the decision to acquire a new puppy.  We have owned and loved three male shepherds over the past 30 years who enhanced our children and family life.  With Yogi gone and the children grown up and gone, a new companion seemed like a good idea.  Then Came Tucker-a sweet-natured, smart, handsome new baby (seven weeks old).  He also proved to be quite stubborn, hard-headed, and a little bit sneaky.


            Our age, loss of patience, health issues, and a lot of bad weather brought us to the painful decision that we needed either professional help or we would have to find Tucker a new family.

           From the first lesson with Beverly, the situation took a positive turn.  Her reward-based system begins and ends with the dog developing a respect for his master.  As the frustration level of the master dissipates, the dog’s level of respect increases.

            The routine we have developed based on Beverly’s techniques has brought a calm satisfaction to our home once more.

           Tucker is three days from his first birthday and is a totally different dog from three months ago when we sought Beverly’s help.  Her guidance is a true skill.

            We would highly recommend “The Well-Trained Dog” as a service to anyone with a dog who is a chore to deal with.

            We are truly lucky that Beverly came into our lives and has made it possible for Tucker to remain part of our family!

-Norman & Kathryn White, Wytheville, Virginia


Anita “adopted” her son’s adolescent female pit bull but was having problems integrating Mia with two male dogs already in the household.

Many times the household was too disruptive – with dogs separated, by gates, doors and the two males in the main house, and Mia in the den where the college kids hang out. The male dogs seemed too aggressive for my comfort level, and I felt over anxious to let them all work it out, worried about a three-dog fight, with a puppy that may get hurt. I wanted to make sure first my dogs were calm and safe, as one is almost 16 years old and the other about 6 years — both terrier rescue mutts, with big personalities, and protective natures for me and our home. Then there’s Mia —all she wanted to do was play, and be with them, and eager for attention. So, in order to have some more confidence in myself, my dogs and to try to help Mia learn to be part of a family, I contacted Beverly.

Mia and family

Beverly quickly learned my stress and apprehension of the dogs quarreling and not getting along— defensive over treats and toys were just a couple things, non-stop wrestling — as people say, that’s just what dogs do, and they work it out themselves. But in my case, I couldn’t let them just work it out for themselves. I had a fear from a childhood experience, where I saw my family dog be attacked by two unleashed dogs. It was a horrible memory, and mostly I recall the sounds of the dogs growling and my family poodle whimpering, bloodied and injured. [he survived]

So, I needed as much training with Beverly as my dogs did. I consider myself a dog lover, a dog rescuer, and feel like a do well with the love and care we have given to the two we own. Having Mia, though-scared me. The stigma of a Pit Bull and the aggression my Terriers showed towards her, I thought it would never work. But, it has. We still have to train and be cautious and correct Mia, along with the male dogs. But we now walk together, play in the yard, try to sleep on the same couch and they are friends most of the time.

Mia has become a better listener — she is so eager to learn, with a curious nature , and loves to watch and look us in the eye for her reward treats. I’m proud of Mia, my oldest son, my male dogs, and myself for working together – to try to make a difference in the life of another dog that needed a good home. Keeping us on track each week, Beverly’s calm approach helped me and Mia at the same time. Using a trainer like Beverly taught us and helped reinforce the needs a young, active puppy like Mia. My male dogs and I are used to the same routines in life and their cozy home, couches, beds and yard. Mia, as we now know, needs a lot more structure, activity, walks, mental and physical stimulation — and she has proven that the training techniques do work. Now, we have to follow thru, and keep working on the homework, and the lessons and the calm consistent discipline. Thank you Beverly for guiding us to learn and work together as a pup family — I hope to continue learning along with Mia and maybe she’ll be a jump dog yet — as we know, she loves to jump, and is still learning where the appropriate places to jump are!

-Anita, Mia’s mom-Roanoke, Virginia


“Thanks for coming.  If you hadn’t, I think I would have given him up.”

-Baby Bear’s mom-Martinsville, Virginia

“Words cannot express my appreciation for the care Maggie received during my long trip. . .You will be hearing from me again!

-Maggie’s mom-Roanoke, Virginia


You are so patient!!  Thank you.  I think we are all enjoying [the lesson] as much as Sandy is 🙂

-Carry, Sandy’s mom-Ferum, Virginia

I would highly recommend the The Well-Trained Dog and Pet Care for training your dog.

We loved the fact the owner, Beverly, comes to your home for individual sessions without the distraction of an unfamiliar place and other dogs in a group session.

Beverly has a quiet demeanor and was able to build a trusting relationship with our somewhat skittish puppy within the first training session. She would explain what she was doing and why and would encourage my husband & I both to participate in the exercises. She was very punctual, but would not hesitate to stay longer if we had questions or concerns.

Beverly has demonstrated to us how to teach a dog something new and I believe we have enough knowledge to continue teaching our puppy new things on our own.

-Jimmy & Amber Spikes-Salem, Virginia

“Bev. comes to Best Friends twice a year and into my area which is a training area. I am delighted to have her and have her spend time with our dogs. The dogs vary in age from 9 months to 11 years old.

Bev. is organized, efficient and has an great rapport with the dogs. She helps with the training with several of our dogs. She applies her consistent positive training skills and after a few days I noticed great improvements with the dogs. The dogs’ behavior varied from shy to quite energetic. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are awesome.

For those few days that she spent with me she was valuable to the team. In helping these dogs with simple behaviors teachings it helped make our dogs more appealing to adopters. The dogs were happy — does not get any better than that.”

– Jacquie Bushway-Speer, Dog Caregiver, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


“I’ve never seen him be so calm.”

– Cooper’s mom at our first meeting-Roanoke, Virginia

“Beverly is the ‘do-all’ person; she will do anything asked of her and does it well. She is great to work with and the dogs adore her.”

– Marilyn Wilson, Puppy Program Administrator, St. Francis Service Dogs

“This is our neighbor lady… she lives up the road from us, I see her dogs alot when we are out walking at the same time … they are very well trained, all she says is ‘leave it, leave it’ the whole time she’s walking by us and the dogs won’t even look our way … and that’s with me walking a barking little pom !!!”

– posted on Facebook by Beth Wingo-Durham-Roanoke, Virginia