Pet Sitting

We made the news!

We were featured on Fox news about the benefits of using a pet sitting service.  Find the link here.


Are you wondering what to do with your pets while you’re away?

Pet owners come to the Well-Trained Dog & Pet Care for help because:

  1.  They don’t want to impose on family or friends to take care of their pets.
  2.  They don’t want the stress associated with boarding their pets.
  3.  They’re looking for the most professional and reliable pet sitting service in the Roanoke Valley.

We will take care of your pets, give you peace of mind, and so much more!


PET SITTIPet Sitting Roanoke VANG

-We’ll give your pet(s) a break with one stop or multiple stops at your home.

-Our service includes dog walking, playtime, feeding pets, bringing in the mail, watering plants, turning on/off lights, adjusting the shades, scooping the litterbox, etc.


MIDDAY BREAKPet Sitting Roanoke VA

-We’ll give your dog a break with a walk, potty break, and playtime.


We are licensed, bonded, and insured.