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  • Want Your Dog To Sit AND STAY?
  • Want Your Dog To ALWAYS Come When Called?
  • Want Your Dog To Understand DROP IT?

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This dog training program is perfect for the family who wants to go beyond just the basics and have more reliability with important cues, like laying down, dropping things and getting off of things (and people!)

Your dog probably already knows some of these cues-but we’ll make sure they listen even around those everyday life distractions.

We’ll meet six times in your home during this program. And of course we’ll make sure the dog doesn’t pull you on the leash, so walking is much more fun.

And not only will you have our help anytime you need it during and between lessons by email or phone, but also for 6 full months after our final official lesson, as well as a bonus lesson you can use anytime in the next year if something new comes up. If you are looking for a Dog Training Program in the Roanoke area, contact us now! (540) 353-2485

6 one-hour private lessons in your home (Roanoke VA Area)

  •  7 cues including sit, down, stay, here, off, drop it, and leave it
  •  loose leash walking
  •  crate training
  •  unlimited email and phone supoort during training and for 6 months afterward
  •  PLUS 1 FREE bonus lesson to be used within one year of completing the final lesson
  • Lifetime Guarantee