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  • Want To Take Your Dog Anywhere?
  • Want To KNOW Your Dog Will Listen?

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This is for the family who wants the absolute best training experience for their dog, who wants to be able to take him anywhere and know that he’s going to listen reliably and everyone is going to be impressed with how well-behaved they are.

With this program, we’ll meet together eight times at your home, at your convenience. We’ll make sure your dog listens in every situation-even if they get outside off leash. You’ll learn all the necessary everyday life commands, plus some awesome practical cues like “place” (which means to stay on a bed until they’re released. . .great for dinner time or when you have company! And yes, your dog can definitely do that.)

You’ll also get the most ongoing support with this program-stay in touch with us anytime during your dog’s program AND any time after-forever. You’ll never wonder what to do if something new comes up.

You’ll also have 2 bonus lessons (in your home, of course) that you can use anytime in the next year if you’d like to work on something extra together.

This program is also great for a dog with more severe unwanted behaviors.

8 one-hour private lessons in your home

  • unlimited cues including sit, down, stay, here, off, drop it, leave it, load, and place
  • loose leash walking
  • crate training
  • the resolution of unwanted behaviors
  • unlimited email and phone support for the life of the dog
  • PLUS 2 FREE bonus lessons to be used within one year of completing the final lesson, to teach extra cues.
  • Lifetime Guarantee